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Messing About + Nan = Birth of Game Off


We made a card game in our spare time. It took about nine months to get from the idea to the actual game in our actual hands. We are brothers from Coventry, Uk.

Want to do the same? Here's how we did it:

1. Get an Idea

Ours was accidental. For the last few years we have been making Christmas games for our family. Quizzes, challenges, silly stuff, all with Nan (and Grandma for the other side of the family) as the centre of attention.

For example:

Nanly Fortunes - We asked Nan to name 5 dinners. It's clearly Family Fortunes, Nan style. (From memory she said - lasagne, spag bol, steak&chips, roast beef, steak&ale pie)

Dead or Alive - We came up with a list of forty people who may or may not be dead. You have to say which. Categories - Sport/Entertainment/Politics/Music. Erma Franklin, for instance - Dead or Alive?

Bank Raid - We told Nan to organise a hypothetical bank raid. She had to pick members of the family to fill these roles: Gunmen (2), Getaway driver, Planner, Mole. Teams had to write their guesses to match Nan's thinking.