Anton Thoth

A very good day to you! It is a pleasure to meet you. If you have not yet heard of who I am, which I doubt is the case, my name is Anton Thoth, but, to make it simpler for you, you are free to call me Anton. I don’t mind in the slightest!

On this great world we call Falamingo, I would consider myself the brains. In other words, I’m quite a clever clogs. Give me a problem, I’ll be sure to solve it in a near-instant. Show me a puzzle, and I would be glad to un-puzzle it. Click, click, the answer’s there!

Would you want to have a little chinwag with me one day? Silly you, how would you recognise me if you have no idea what I look like? Fret not, however – let me tell you! You may see me stroll about in deep thought, with quite messy, dark hair. Being smart myself, I must wear rather smart attire, right? You would most often spot me with a long, darkly jacket, with a green waistcoat and a fancy purple tie underneath. Don’t be surprised when you also see me sporting a rather long, black cane, and attached to the tip, a peculiar violet gem containing magical powers, the secrets of which, I’m afraid, I cannot share with you. All I can say is that it is a lovely, handy little tool.

You may have realised my obsession with two particular colours – green and purple. Why these? Green, of course, is a great stimulation to my brain. It makes me think, gives me ideas, and keeps me relaxed. Purple, on the other hand, not only shows my elegant style, but it can tell you I’m indeed creative, full of wisdom, and, deep within, compassion, too.

There’s plenty you still don’t know about me, but I think for now, that would be enough.

Splendid to have met you, dear friend! I have been Anton Thoth. Until we meet again!

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