Hi, my name's Rudey. But you can call me Roo if you want. Or Rudey. Or Rude Dog. Or Rudenstein. But you can't call me Rudeypoo because I just made that up. I mean, unless you really want to. Go on then. You can, but no one else can.

Do you already know about me? My power colours are strong yellow because it's strong and yellow and burgundy because it reminds me of my favourite toy car. My other favourite toy car was my sparkly blue one with shiny rainbow wheels. It was really really good.

My special skill is that I can see into the future. Mostly I can see just a tiny bit ahead. But sometimes I can see further, or further still, or even further than that. It's a helpful special skill because it means after I've looked ahead, I know exactly what I'm supposed to do right now.

Also I can fly. Flying, to me, is really no different than getting on the bus except that it's faster and in the air and there is no bus and I'm the bus driver but I'm flying and I didn't buy a ticket. It's really no different.

So that's me. Moop you later!

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