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Dear All,

Before I forget, I’ve got to tell you about Zupa because she’s great. She always has really good suggestions, like: “adventure holiday?” and “BMX-ing?” and “Let's go to that Groovy place. I hear it’s pretty poggers.”

Everybody listens when Zupa speaks. 

By trade, Zupa is a Cosmic Adventurer. Her mother was a Cosmic Adventurer before her and her mother was a Cosmic Adventurer before that. Her Great Grandmother? Well. She mostly stayed at home.

Zupa is friendly, she’s funny, she’s super cool and I think you’re going to like her as much as I like cheese on toast. Honestly, how is it so good?

Kindest Cheddar, 


- Energy
- Time
- Space

- No energy
- No time
- No Space

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