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Micmar Adventures

The Heroes

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Chapter 1: What’s a Micmar?

You probably know this already, but a Micmar is any person who has the biggest imagination in the Universe. It could be you or me or Rudey or Luna or Doc or Melody or Zupa or Alien Man or anybody really. It could be Jeff. It’s not Jeff. 

To be honest, only six Micmars, so far, have been discovered.  They all share these two abilities, which are both imagination based. One is being able to imagine objects so clearly that they actually appear for real. That's called imaginating. The other one is called Mictravelation, which you probably definitely already know about.

The Micmars we do know are pretty great, actually. They mostly like popping around all over the place, looking for games to play and peeps to play with. If they ever find anyone they really like, they'll give them a 'Micmar Team Badge' and a high ten for good luck. That’s two high fives, as you know, which means twice the luck. 

By the way, Micmars don’t much like nasty peeps. No thank you. And no flarpers either. And definitely no gribblers.

...So let’s hope we don’t come across any.

Chapter 1: What's a micmar
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Chapter 2: What does a Micmar do?



…goes Rudey, making a noise exactly like when you put your finger in your mouth, blow your cheeks and go pop.

“Arrrgh” goes Luna, just like how a pirate goes arghh.

“Flomp” goes Doc when he lands.

“Twang” goes Melody, mimicking the sound of an instrument. Sounds like a banjo.

“Whoosh” comes in Zupa, like a fast thing.

“Quatsch” goes Alien Man, which is something he picked up in Germany, quite normally.

This is how Micmars like to get around. Well, long distances anyway. Anywhere within walking distance, they usually just hop. For anyone who doesn't know about ‘Mictravelation’, Doc will show you the maths:


Micmar + Travel + Imagination = Mictravelation 


What happens is pretty simple, really. First, they turn their imaginations up to 110%. Then, they start to visualise a place so incredibly well that they actually start to be there. It takes a fair bit of thinking power, as you can imagine, so any noises they make during the mictravelating process are pretty normal.


“Yes. normal.” concurs Alien Man.


So this is where we first meet the Micmars -- at the exact moment of mictravelation. Just Half a mo ago, they were all standing a circle, holding pinky fingers and turbo charging their imaginations.


Somebody must have had an especially strong thought about a sandy warm place, because suddenly, that’s where they all landed with their 'Pops' and 'Arghs' and 'Whooshes'. You might have guessed that they'd gone to a beach or something, but in actual fact, no! They had mictravelated to an exceedingly warm, exceedingly far away planet. 

Here’s some information about the planet, listed in bullet points for quickness:

  • It’s really hot.

  • It's called Flango.

  • It’s covered in sandy stuff. 

  • at night time, it glows in the dark.

  • in the daytime, the brightness stings your eyes.

  • Some folks actually live here, but they’re all underground.

  • (The Micmars don’t know that yet because they only just got here)

Chapter 2: What does a micmar do?
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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Heading 1

Heading 1

Heading 1

Chapter 2, Part 2: Sandy Flango.

Being Beings who like to play, the Micmars’ first instinct on Planet Flango is to call out "Roll it!” 
That’s what the Micmars say when they’re seriously ready to do something, like start playing.  Which is always.

“Wait a mo,'' said Melody. She pointed towards Alien Man who was getting sunburned already.

Six arm sunburn is three times more sunburn than two arm sunburn, calculated Doc with an interested eyebrow. He knew they’d only been on Flango for less than three moes. Another fifty like this and they would be Toastmars.

“Heeeesh" they exclaimed together, understanding the heat of the situation.

Naturally, being Micmars, they had a few ideas. First, they imaginated some protective, reflective shiny sun-suits. Next, they imagined-up some triple thick-sunglasses to keep their peepers protected. They looked like an electro pop group on holiday. It was great.

Soon, Rudey had started thinking about which direction they should investigate, and also, the most playful way in which to do it.
Out of thin air, he imaginated himself a dune buggy. It was solar powered because he’s quite clever sometimes.

“I like it. What is it?” asked Alien Man, normally.
“It's A solar powered dune buggy” replied Rudey, proudly
“What’s that?” asked Alien Man, having never heard these words in that order before. He’s from Space, where they don’t have all of these things.
“It's a sun powered sand car” replied Rudey
“Seems normal,” said Alien Man. 


“Well I love it!” cried Luna, and started thinking of her own. She made hers strawberry shaped, and strawberry coloured, and strawberry flavoured. Hang on, sorry. That was a strawberry. She snaffled that down and started work on her own buggy.

The others followed the idea and imaginated themselves all sorts of
groovy styles of sand mobile.

Rudey’s was simple and fast.
Luna’s was shaped like a pirate ship, complete with water cannons
Doc’s was a silver car which was also a time machine. He got the idea from a film.
Melody’s was a VW camper van. 1960’s, split screen, groovier than anything else you'll see anywhere.
Zupa’s was a rocket powered pogo stick.
Alien Man’s was a normal cardboard box.

And then they were ready.

Chapter 2, Part 2: Sandy Flango
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Chapter 2, Part 3:  Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out.

“Race you to the thingy!” called Rudey
“Last one there is a stinky barnacle” shouted Luna
“Pip pip” pipped Doc, already calculating the quickest route.
“Neeeeoooowwwmm” went Zupa, making the noise of something moving incredibly quickly.
“Dee doo-la doo” flew the sound of Melody’s musical racing flute. 
“Thingy?” said Alien Man, driving backwards and upside down, like normal.

I’ll say this, if you’ve never been sand-dune-buggy-racing on a dusty far away planet before, you should probably consider it. The Micmars give it the maximum score rating, which is six out of ten. 

They probably would have carried on going for another eighty three more moes but the sun-juice in their buggies completely ran out. That’s because it had gone dark. Dark as a shark in a park called Mark. 

Then two things happened very quickly. First, the land all around them started to glow. Then, in the near distance, these Jimbly-Wimbly looking characters started popping out, right from underneath the ground. They must have come up through magic holes or floor-doors or something tunnel based like a tunnel. That was Doc’s theory anyway.

It was hard to see the people's faces, but they definitely had faces. They were buzzing about quite busily and there was a real whiff of excitement in the air. 

The Micmars watched silently as these funny peeps cleared a space on the ground and placed some circles on it. 

“What could the circles mean?” wondered Doc. “It’s probably something to do with mathematics,” he guessed smartly but incorrectly. 

The chappies – maybe eleven or eighteen of them – gathered round the circles in the glow. They held hands and started to sing a little song. It was quite lovely:

"Yum yum yum yum, yum yum yummy tum.Din din din din, din din dinner din."

"Hey guys, do you smell that?" whispered Melody. She knew exactly what was happening.

They all looked at her. Alien Man started sniffing around for something normal, like hamsters.

"The floor is hot like a barbeque. And those little circles are burger patties. They're making root-burgers!"  Root burgers happened to be Melody's favourite anytime meal.

"What are we waiting for? Let's roll it!" said Rudey, who is a big fan of anything yum.

The Micmars un-imaginated  away their buggies and started hopping towards the burger folk. When they got close enough, they called out a series of cheery hello's.

"Heyo" called Rudey"
Ahoy!" called Luna

"Hello"called Doc
"Hi-hi" called Melody
"Hiiiii-eeeee" called Zupa
"Neee Naaar" called Alien Man

The folks all turned around in unison. They looked rather pleased to see these hopping, cheery idiots. 

Chapter 2, Part 3: Suns out, Funs Out.
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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Heading 1

Heading 1

Heading 1

Chapter 3, Part 1: Jimble Buddies

“Hey hey hey! We’re the Jimble Wimbles - Hey hey hey!” sang all of the Jimble Wimbles together. It's called ‘The Hey Hey Hey Song’, which makes a lot of sense, and it’s an excellent way to be welcomed.

The reason they greet people like this, by the way, is because the Jimble Wimbles are 
A) Very friendly 
B) Don’t have a leader. 

“You what? They don’t they have a leader? How can that be?” is  a question you might be asking. 

You’ll find the answer in the Big Book of Laws, which every Jimble knows off by heart. It’s got one page, and three laws. Here they are:

Rule 1: Be nice at least 93% of the time.
Rule 2: Share Your Food.
Rule 3: Everyone is equal.

Rule three is interesting because it only works if everyone agrees. In the long-but-not-that-long ago, all the Jims got together and they all agreed that they would all agree. It was quite an easy conversation, followed by cake. 

Well. Some people didn’t agree, but it’s best not to talk about that.

Anyway, since then, whenever the Jimble Wimbles have needed to make a big decision on something important - such as the best way to greet people - they simply talk it through until everyone agrees.


So they agreed the best way to say hello was by song. And they agreed the best song was the one you just heard. So if you ever meet a Jimble Wimble – and you’ll probably meet at least four in your lifetime – you’ll definitely hear that song. 

Back in the moment, the Micmars give each other a glance and know exactly how to respond. 

“Hey hey hey, we’re the Micmars hey hey hey! They sing in unison. They all each put their own spin on the very last “hey!” just for fun.

Rudey made his ‘hey’ nice and punchy
Luna put some sweetness on hers.
Doc made his long and slow. 
Melody’s soared like an eagle.
Zupa’s was electronic.
Alien Man's was normal. 

It was great. 

And this is how the Micmars and the Jimble Wimbles became friends. 

Chapter 3, Part 1: Jimble Buddies
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Chapter 3, Part 2: The Underhome Biome 

Even though they don’t have leaders, there are two Jimble Wimbles who always seem to be around when something important is happening. There’s Big Jim, who is the oldest Jimble Wimble and there’s Lol Jim, who smiles the most. They lead the Micmars on the guided tour of the Jimble-home.

If you can imagine a series of cosy rooms connected by a series of fun tunnels, then you're imagining it just about right. Every room has comfy chairs, blankets and things to read. For lighting, they have two main sources. One is a root that glows. It has a soft orange light and tastes just like horseradish mixed with pumpkin. It’s delicious if you like the taste of that. It’s said that there are two types of people on this planet: ones who call it Pumpraddish, and ones who call it Horseykin.

The other lighting solution is clever and comes from Handy-Jim's favourite engineering book “How To Do Things”. Basically, it's a sunroof-tunnel-hatch which lets the light in from the overground. It’s lined with mirrors and special disco balls which spread light all around the place in different colours. It's way cool. It means the days here are mostly filled with disco dancing and the nights are mostly filled with bedtime stories. 

Oh, as well as all the cosy rooms, they also have one really big playroom, one side playroom, a swim tube, a groove box, a munch hall and a bouncing dome. All things considered, it's a pretty great place to live. 

As you might have guessed, the Jimbles are very happy here. 

“But we aren't always 600% pleased” confesses Big Jim. 

“Because of that flarper and his gribblers” said Lol Jim, without a smile.

Alien Man was about to respond, but Melody stopped him by poking him right up the armpit.

“And that's why we’re so glad you found us. We had almost given up hope” said Big Jim.

The Micmars nodded, pretending they knew what he was going on about.

Chapter 3, Part 2: The Underhome Biome
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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Heading 1

Heading 1

Heading 1

Chapter 3, Part 3.  What was Big Jim going on about?

Everyone was gathered for a nice lay down in the big play room. The Jimbles decided that the easiest way to explain things was to start from the beginning. So they asked History-Jim to give a BED Talk about everything that had happened since the dawn of time. Apparently, for the first fifty billion moes, exactly nothing happened. It was dreamy.

“...but soon, planet Flango had rocks and trees and rivers and lakes and clouds and it was cool enough that sometimes it rained and the sky was like a big safe blanket, protecting us all. even The Baby Jims could play outside. It was a very happy time.”

Rudey stirred from his slumber and sat up.  “Wait. How long ago was this?” he asked.

“Not long, really. Big Jim himself was born on the outside on a rainy day” History-Jim responded.

“It’s true. It was one of the happiest days of my life” added Big Jim, remembering the patter of raindrops on his tiny face.

“Arrrgh. Hang on. So how did it get like it is now? What happened?” said Luna, shaking the sleepy dreams from her head.

History Jim continued:
“It started to go wrong with just one person. Winner-Jim.”

There were murmurs all around the room. 

“He was my best friend,” said Lol-Jim with a saddish kind of smile.

“What happened?” asked Luna

“Just like me, he loved playing,” said Lol-Jim. “We loved it so much that one day, we invented a game for everybody. We called it ‘The Jimlympic Games’.


The Micmars liked the sound of this. Alien Man parped with delight.

“It was this big, silly tournament filled with all sorts of different games and anyone was allowed to join in. It was really spondooley” she said, remembering all of the groovy spondooley times.

“So what happened?” asked Luna. 

The sparkle in Lol-Jim’s eyes faded. She went quiet.

“Winner Jim got too good at winning.” explained History Jim. “He had always been the smartest and strongest and bravest and most skillful Jimble. So… he won. And he won. And he kept winning. And soon he forgot it was supposed to be a game. And he didn’t notice when nobody else around him was having a good time. He had become mean, and ruthless and a very bad winner indeed.”

“He lost his ruth” said Alien Man, sure that it was a very normal thing to say.

Lol Jim looked down.

“So then what happened?” asked Luna, handing out strawberries.

“He said something strange. He said he wasn’t equal any more. He said he was better than us and that he should be our leader,”  said Big Jim, still in disbelief.

Alien Man was munching on popcorn, riveted.

“He said that under his leadership, we could rule the galaxy”. There were murmurs again, a bit louder this time. If you had very good hearing, you would have heard things like:

“How silly” and “Pish posh” and “Rule the Galaxy?? I don’t want to rule a Galaxy” and “yeah, What about disco?”


When it went quiet again, Lol Jim spoke directly to the Micmars. “We had an argument. I told him we were all happiest when we were playing. He said no, he wanted more. So he left. And he found a new home on a new planet And he changed his name. And he decided he would still rule the galaxy anyway, and that he would start here, with Planet Flango.” 

The Micmars looked around, mouths wide open… They’d never met a Supervillain before. 

Alien Man drooled, quite normally.

We hope you like the Micmars Adventures on Planet Flango so far. We will be releasing one more chapter every week. Keep an eye out for The Jimlympic Games battles on Jimstagram. You can vote for the winner. 

Moop you later.

Cap  x

Chapter 3, Part 3. Wht was big jim going on about?
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