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What is it?
It's a party card game.

Who is it for?

Literally most people.

Not really for babies and animals and ghosts and imaginary people.

If you are able to read, move, speak, and are human, you should be right on.

Game Off fun
Game Off players

Where / when can I play it?

  • Parties

  • At a table with friends and wine/beer/gin

  • Gatherings

  • Rainy days camping

  • Christmas with your family

  • Christmas Eve with your mates

  • When a hurricane comes and you have no electricity

  • Just before armageddon

  • Whenever you feel like playing a game.


The battles have all been designed to be quick, to be entertaining, to be inclusive. 

Even when it isn't your turn to roll, you could be chosen as a competitor.

Even if you aren't a competitor, you will likely be called upon to judge the winner.

Even if you don't win, at least you were invited..

How does it work?

You need at least three players. They need to be old enough or sober enough to be able to do such things as:

  • Hold their breath

  • Make an annoying noise

  • Not laugh under pressure

  • Balance

  • Act

  • Dance

  • Think of brown things

  • Spell

  • Throw 

And much more..

And they need to do these things in a competitive situation.

Game Off Winner
Game Off -Winners Always Win

In numbers..

  • 120 different games

  • 5 different categories 

  • 2 dice 

  • 1 box

  • 1 set of extensive rules

  • 1 set of simple rules

  • 1 minute per battle game

  • 30 - 90 minutes to complete a game (depending on how many people there are and whether Carolin immediately wipes the floor with the lot of you)

  • 1 great way to spend time with your friends without having to ask them about work, politics or their dreary lives.

  • 1 excellent way to spend time with your family while avoiding the topic of why Cousin Dave has been single for so long. 

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