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Dear Peeps,

Let me introduce you to Luna Gumfrey. She’s the one over there, can you see?

She might be a little bit smaller than the other Micmars, say 8%, but she more than makes up for it with her remarkable strength. Listen to this…Luna has the ability to lift more than double the weight of two cats. Imagine that! I wonder what you would lift if you were that strong?

Luna thinks her power comes from strawberries. Others suspect it comes from being a pirate. She was born on a ship in the ocean during a storm inside a hurricane, and she had a great time. Since then, she’s always been pretty calm when things get windy.

More than anything, Luna loves games. She’s the undefeated champion of the Micmar Leapfrog Challenge and she’s remarkably good at tennis – and also any other game which involves whacking one thing with another thing. Wallop!

I think you’re going to like her a lot. She’s really great and probably has some buried treasure.

X marks the spot,


- Strawberries
- Straw
- Berries

Not Loves
- Tickly eyelashes
- Hiccups
- When you dribble milk somewhere and it goes all hard and weird

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