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Paper for backstorys Alien man main.png

Dear Friendly Friends,

Did I tell you about Alien Man yet? Well, I’m not sure exactly what to say apart from he’s pretty great.

He comes from wherever Aliens come from. As far as I know, he’s seen everything there is to see. Or it’s possible he’s never seen anything at all. Either way, nothing surprises him. Nothing stresses him out. Nothing causes him pain. Apart from the possibility of the micmars finding out he is an alien... that is terrifying.  

he considers everything to be ''normal''. I wonder if he is right.

Anyway, Alien Man might be the best normal person there ever was. He has six arms. I think you’ll like him.

Lots of loveses,


- Identified flying objects
- being completely normal
quantum science

- anything involving aliens because he
definitely not an alien or anything close to one

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