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Dear Everypeep,

Can I tell you about Melody? She’s absolutely great. She pretty much loves everything. 

If you asked her to write a list of all the things she loved, it would be so long that she would either run out of paper or her hand would fall off. That’s how big it is.

I wonder how big your list would be. I think Mine would be at least seventeen. 

Anyway, Melody is also one of the happiest Micmars. She’s studying to be a Grand Master of Happiness, which is pretty groovy since it means you get to spread happy bits and pieces all over here and there. It’s great work if you can get it. 

She’s into plants by the way. And animals. And people. And puffins. I think you’re going to like her.



- Honey Badgers and all the other animals.
- Every single instrument. Not the recorder.
- Everything else

- Splinters
- When it rains in your tea
- Pollutants

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