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Dear Everyone, 

I should tell you about Doc. Doc is great. He was born in the ancient-long long ago back in Egypt. Around that time, they were building pyramids and gazing at stars and learning mathematics and all kinds of stuff. Maybe you know about that. 

Anyway, back then, Doc Boffin went by a different name: Anton Thoth. It’s possible he might be related to another guy called Thoth who was the God of the moon and learning and writing. Or not. Either way, it’s a nice bunch of things to be the god of. 

Doc is pretty smart. He managed to get so good at learning that he pretty much learned everything there is to know. Probably more. He was the youngest person to win his local Galaxy’s Top Boffin Award 140 times in a row. In the end they just gave him his own unique title:

Doctor of Knowledge and Most Excellent Smashing Clever Boffin 

Or Doc Boffin for short.

He really is a super smashing lovely fellow. You’re going to get on well, I’m sure of it.

All the bestestest,


- All information
- Thinking 
- Sandwiches

- Lazy Brains
- Many many many many many many unnecessary words
- Badly made sandwiches

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