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Game Off + Minecraft + YouTube =

Well. Who would have expected this? 


At the start of 2022, Game Off™ was just your regular old box in your regular old house in your regular old world.


But being Captain Fats is a way of being which comes with responsibilities. One of those is to think outside of the regular box. The other is to just give it a go.


So when we sent out a Fat Signal, heroes responded. They are (in order of response): 


  • PepSanchez

Pep is full of pep. There's so much pep in Pep's step that the entire gang feels the force of pep's pep. Good old Pep.

  • Aetella 

Aetella or “Elle” or “Nutella” has a personality as strong as netherite and a playing style as fluid as lava. 

  • It’sMeCyclone 

Cyclone is one of the stronger winds known to Minecraft. Equal in force to three and a half regular players.

  • WaterSpace 

Waterspace is considered the best blind builder in the western hemisphere. The east is a trickier beast to best. 

  • Capfats1 

Captain Fats is perhaps the best worst Minecrafter since sliced bread. Yum.

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