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Dear Anyone Out There,

I’d like to tell you about Rudey. He’s a spaceman guy and he can fly. He’s pretty great.

You can call him Roo if you want. Or Rudester. Or Rude Dog. But you can't call him Rudeypoo because I just made that up.

Well, only if you like. Anyway, to him, flying is really no different than getting on the bus, except that it's faster and in the air and there is no bus and he’s the driver and he didn't have to buy a ticket. It's really no different.

Actually, he calls it ‘moving upwardly’’. He’s always saying things like that.

Because of the way he moves and how quick he is, when the Micmars travel together, he’s usually at the front, leading the way. You might say he’s one of the bravest Micmars, but he’s not so sure about that.

“I just like adventures,” he would say. As well as: “Is there any more tea?” and “Moop you later!”

Anyway, I like him a lot. I think you will too.

Moop you later,

Captain Fat

Tea and biscuits
Upward motion
Every single game you can think of.
Not Monopoly.

Early mornings
Billies with too little silly
Cat breath

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