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Who are Captain Fats?

Bob and Andy AKA Sergeant Large and Captain Fat are the brains and brawn, the yin and yang, the bacon and eggs of the Game Off party game extravaganza series.

(They later forgot which one was which, so both became known as Captain Fat.)

Born in Coventry, raised by Indiana Jones, they spent most of their childhood doing silly voices and re-enacting scenes from Reservoir Dogs.

Bob went to Hull University for a bit, then studied Scriptwriting for Film & TV at Bournemouth University. After that he moved to London and snuck in at the BBC, cutting carrots on the radio series The Archers. Soon, he would be working at such TV companies as Avalon, Hat Trick and Hungry Bear, working on Bafta winning shows and producing Ant&Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. He still does silly voices.

Andy always wanted to be a writer, so he studied Maths at Sheffield Hallam University then became a Painter and Decorator. He did other things in the meantime, like a bit of stage acting and then started a band called Six Out of Ten (see t-shirt for proof) making fast, smooth, handsome rock. He still lives in Coventry, binge watches TED Talks by Sir Ken Robinson and never tires of silly voices.

On telly with carboard cut-outs Steve, Nan and Jo. Audience